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Recently I looked back and thought deeply, 

how about I get across to you these simple life transforming principles that shaped my life and used it to help others do the same?”

And that was what made me put my thirty years of study, research, and delivering over 20,000 coaching hours into a powerful stress reducing methodology that can drastically change your life and write my new book – The Unfakeable Code®  – Take Back Control, Lead Authentically and Live Freely on Your Terms.

Take Back The Reins of Your Life By Getting & Reading This Book

“This is an inspiring, enjoyable, fast moving book that shows you how to unlock your full power for unlimited success” – Brian Tracy (Author, Chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International)


On How To Be Your Authentic Self And Achieve Unlimited Growth and Fulfilment… 

Irrespective Of  How Challenging Your Environment Or The World Is

From: Tony J. Selimi

England, United Kingdom

Dear growth seeker friend,

Have you at any point got tired of acting different characters in life?

At home, you’re different with your spouse…

At work, you’re different with your employees or colleagues…

At the party, you’re different with your friends…

In other words, you keep wearing different masks to fit in, hide your flaws, vulnerabilities and your true authentic self.

And probably at some point, you’ve got lot of people ask you this simple honest question…

“Who are you really?”

You tried pulling out an answer to their question, but somehow the transient persona (that fake dude in you) took over the conversation again…

Deep down, you’re tired.

You want to know the real authentic YOU that doesn’t need social-media filter to look right…

That doesn’t need to dress or speak in a manner to feel loved…

That doesn’t need to hide your emotions or vulnerabilities to feel accepted…

That doesn’t need to sacrifice your goals and dreams to please others….

You want to know your TRUE SELF that was uncontaminated when you were born, until the environment and world shaped you into forgetting about who you truly are…

Well, good news!

Your answer lie in wait for you here

You see, in 1990 after surviving the civil war, I was homeless and penniless…

Plus, being a poor Albanian in the street of London made me resort to hiding my true self for fear of being bullied and despised…

Even with that, I did get a lot of bullying…

But after a while, I started asking, “why can’t I be ME?”

“Why can’t people love me for who I truly am?”

I started the journey of personal development…

And that was what led me to discovering that…

…knowing your true self and being shameless about it is the easiest path to unlimited growth, success and wealth…

And that was helped me…

 …from being homeless and penniless to graduating from one of the top engineering universities in the UK, being an internationally recognised TEDx speaker, award-winning author, self-made multi-millionaire, and cognition expert specialising in human behaviour, emotional intelligence, and leadership excellence.

And since then, I have carried the simple message of helping celebrities, business owners, leaders, entrepreneurs, politicians, professionals and individuals like you create breakthroughs, win back their lives, get unstuck by being unfakeable and maximizing their true potentials

#1 internationally bestselling book The Unfakeable Code®,  Take back control, lead authentically and live freely on your terms is the Winner of the ” Book Excellence Award 2022” in the Category: Personal Growth and Development.

Activate Your Unlimited Freedom, Growth & Success

“Incredibly, this is an educational life manual that gives fruitful
ideas to vertical thinkers for the conception of harmonising material and heart intelligence, which is something many of us think is insurmountable and too far-fetched to dwell-on in our day to day lives.” – Jack Canfield, America’s #1 Success Coach.

(Was with Tim Henman)

(With Hollywood Actress & Activists AnnaLynne McCord )

(Was with Vivek Dahiya & Divyanka Tripathi)

I have also appeared on over 800 Podcasts, TV and Radio stations across the world, including the award-winning Living My Illusion: The Truth Hurts documentary and interviews by Ian Pelham-Turner, an award-winning Royal Photographer and Royal Commentator, Jack Canfield and Brian Tracy for ABC, NBC, CBS and their affiliates, reaching over 100 millions of readers, listeners and viewers worldwide

(Was with Brian Tracy)

(Was with AnnaLynne McCord, Vivek Dahiya & Divyanka Tripathi)

(Was with Jack Canfield)

Would You Benefit from Learning to Handle Rejections Easily, Free Yourself From Judgement and Learn To Be Comfortable In Your Skin?

Tony’s new book is a godsend to those who want to live, make a difference and be loved for who they truly are.
Dr. John Dermartini, Human Behavioural Specialist

The Unfakeable Code® reveals the unexpected secrets to discovering and developing the authentic self that is hidden behind of temporary masks we show to the world. This book teaches how to use a set of five principles as a strong foundation to put the right “authentic living formula” into practice in your life. In these pages, you’ll learn from an author who has been there and triumphantly came on the other side of what it truly means to live, lead, and love authentically.

Dr. Sc Todorche Stamenov

You will walk away with a new awareness of how to use the method and the principles shared to turn any stressful situation into fuel for success and fulfilment in every critical area of life. With The Unfakeable Code® science-based method you too can achieve growth, freedom and success without compromising your integrity. Live your life by The Unfakeable Code. It works!

Dr. Pietro Emanuele Garbelli

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Here Is A Sneak Peep Into What You’re Going To Learn In This Book


  • The First Way To Unmask Yourself And Attract Success
  • How To Love The “Unlovable” In You
  • The Quick And Easy Way To Kill False Persona That Is Constantly Limiting Your True Success
  • The Kind Of Language You Speak And Thoughts You Think That Strengthen Your False Persona And How You Can Most Importantly Break-Free From It
  • How To Take Back Your Control, Unleash Your Worth And Live Authentically
  • This One Question Can Help You Convert CRISES Into BLESSINGS (This was the question I asked myself when I faced another crisis in 2009 and how it eventually became a transforming blessing)
  • The 10 Behavioural Changed Principles That Can Help You Destroy Scarcity Mindset
  • Look Out For These 3 Feelings To Know When Your Emotive Persona Takes Over Your Unfakeable Authentic Self
  • Why You Seem Stuck In Life And How To Stop Pleasing Everybody To Take Back Your Control
  • Apply These Exercises To Bring Out The Authenticity In You Faster
  • How To Win That “All Negative Mind” Over And Force It To Start Producing Positive Results For You
  • How To Delete Old Brain Programming On Scarcity Mindset
  • Here’s The Simple Reason Why You Keep Attracting Negative Things
  • You Can As Well Kiss Ill-Lucks Goodbye As You Learn this 5 Mind-Upgrading, Life-Enhancing, And Business-Transforming Principles And Apply Them
  • Meeting Your Duality Nature Again And Embracing Your True Authentic Self
  • Discover What Is Stopping You From Becoming Your True Self….

…And Become Mr. Miss. Or Mrs. Authentic Who Live Freely On Their Terms

  • Why Being Frustrated With Life Starts From These Injectable Principles (And, How To Most Importantly Break Free By Turning In To Your “Unfakeable” You)
  • Learn This Simple Thing And You’ll Be Able To Get Even The Most Difficult Business Person To Collaborate With You
  • Understanding The Tactics Of Your Transient Facades And How To Weaken Its Power
  • The Only Good Side About Self Deception No One Truly Understands Until Now
  • Get This Right And Most Of The World Issues Such As Wars, Environmental Disasters, Increase In Divorce Rates, Suicide Rates, Sexual Assaults, Addictions, People Living With Depression, Anxiety, And So On Will Reduce In Number Drastically
  • Why You Shouldn’t Let Fear Run Freely Through Your Mind
  • How To Manifest Anything In Life With Your Existential View
  • Want To Change Your Life? Make These Kind Of Choices Each Day
  • This Is How To Get The Authentic Self To Finally Trust You
  • How The State Of Abundance Functions With Truth

…Now It Depends On What You’ve Been Telling Your Mind. The REAL Truth Or The Fake News Flying Around

  • Feeling Insecure With Yourself? That’s One Sign Of Being A People Pleaser. Here’s Another Sign And How To Kill It
  • Watch Out For This Scarcity Persona The Moment You Noticed An Increase In Your Earning Power
  • Should You Submit To Your Emotions? Discover The Answer And Know That Is Tied To Making You Live With Unbearable Deep Pain
  • Why People Don’t Get Healed Because Of The Power Of Their Perception
  • Why Polarity May Be Compromising Your Immune System
  • What Does Your Relationship With Food Say About You?
  • How One Of These Behavioural Changed Principles Can Help You Win Back Your Marriage Or Home Or Business
  • Here’s How To FINALLY Neutralize Your Emotive Persona And Take Back Your Life
  • How To Stop Giving Your Power Away (This secret is one of the easiest ways to start living a happier life)
  • The Best Response To Give Pains And Pleasures
  • Why You Shouldn’t Heed To Your Argument But THIS If You Ever Want Unlimited Success
  • Do This Exercise Over And Over Again To Remove Your Disempowering Ego From Your Life
  • Recite This Particular Affirmation Whenever You Feel Someone Has Triggered Your Emotion And Awaits An Outburst Or Hate
  • How To Change Your View About Others And Love The “Unlovable” In Them
  • The Weird Illustration My Mum Used To Describe Love That Guides Me Till Date
  • THIS One Mantra Can Help You Win Back Your Family And Spouse’s Love
  • Experiencing Difficult Relationships? Answer These Questions Truthfully And Watch The Difference
  • How To Really Love Yourself For Who You Truly Are
  • 13 Questions That Will Shape Your Love Life With Your Spouse, Children And With Other People
  • And many more….
By the way,

Who Is This Book For?

  • CEO’s, leaders, politicians, business owners, entrepreneurs, start-up owners.
  • HR, communication, sales, marketing, and customer relations departments.
  • Scientists, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, doctors, nurses, the NHS, and other health and wellbeing professionals and institutions.
  • Life, business, leadership, executive and corporate coaches, financial specialists, mentors, healers, complementary therapist, personal trainers, consultants, and even international United Nations delegates and peace ambassadors.
  • Parents, professors, teachers, children and students, educational institutions, prison workers.
  • Film producers, directors, actors, musicians and artists.
  • Anyone curious to learn more about living and loving authentically.
  • Anyone seeking to emerge as an authentic individual and confident leader in their field.
  • Anyone wanting to know how authentic living is the sincerest form of self-love that can help you leave an immortal legacy.
This book has helped thousands of individuals like you win back their lives and achieve TRUE unlimited success

Here Are Some Of What Other People Are Saying About The Book

The book offers tools to harness the power of language and to use it to rewrite our models of reality, master our emotions and take control of them, learn to claim our power and not give it away, and discover how to live prudently.

Romuald Dzemo

The book offers tools to harness the power of language and to use it to rewrite our models of reality, master our emotions and take control of them, learn to claim our power and not give it away, and discover how to live prudently.

Divine Zape

The Unfakeable Code is a scientific approach to the Law of Attraction, as it gives you a clear soft science approach to manifesting success and transformational change in your existence by rewiring your mindset.

Vincent Dublado

The Unfakeable Code: Take Back Control, Lead Authentically and Live Freely on Your Terms is a well-crafted, practical manual for anyone who wants to become a better version of themselves and is willing to do the daily work.
Irene Valentine

 “Sounds cool. So what do I do next?”


Here Is What To Do Next

Click on any of the blue buttons to get the book and let’s start the journey to unleashing the unfakeable being that commands more success

“How much is the book?” Good question.

Imagine this for a second

4 of your old time buddies are currently at the front of your house…

You greeted them and drove them to a nice restaurant to spend some time together and of course, have a good treat.

You ordered for 5 Organic Irish Smoked Salmon (£12.50 each)…

And 5 fresh Apple Juices (£3.95 each)…

After chilling out and gisting, you were handed a bill of £82.25 by the waiter.

You looked at it.

“Chicken feed” you echoed.

You pulled your wallet out and paid….

You probably paid because you value friendship..

Or you enjoy the good feeling of having a nice time with your friends…

Plus, the price doesn’t warrant breaking your bank-account (in other words, it was pretty affordable)..

Now, what if I told you The Unfakeable Code® book is not up to the price you just paid for…

Not even half that price…

…yet it can unleash your power to making so much money, living a loving life and having unlimited success?

More? It’d expose you to the secrets of knowing your true self you always wished to know..

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“A life manual that assists you in understanding how the Law of Attraction works, and it gives you valuable insights into the science of healing and changing your mindset that will transform your existence.” – Marie Diamond, A star from The Secret

Think about all the fun, money, opportunities and relationship you’ve lost and missed because you didn’t know your true self….

I know at this point, you feel you could turn the hands of time and correct some things in the past…

Probably your relationship, how you treated that business partner or employee, how you treated your spouse and children…

How you respond to that situation…

You see, while it’s almost impossible to turn the hands of time, you can do something today to shape your present and future…

And one way to do that is by getting a copy of your book – The Unfakeable Code®

And that’s why I’m willing to let to apply the secrets in this book and see for yourself.

Just imagine how your life will look like when you FINALLY unlock that TRUE person who has been hidden since you were 10 years old.

Imagine how beautiful your life will be when you’re shameless about your true personality…

And a lot of people love you for who you truly are…

You’re calm, no more driven by the “what will people think of me” thoughts…

You’re attracting your dream spouse, home and all good things….

Even more, you’re now taking control of everything you almost lost…

Your relationship…

Your business…

Your family….


Look at your new success and the countless admiration from thousands and millions of people for being your TRUE SELF…

Wouldn’t you like that?

Click on the blue button below, and let’s start the journey of helping you discover the REAL YOU…

If you’re like me (and thousands of others), you wouldn’t want to go another day without knowing who your UNFAKEABLE SELF is.

Like a mentor will always say, “living a life without knowing not TRUE self is suicidal”

Don’t go another day thinking, “I Feel Stuck!”, “Who Am I Really?”, “What Am I Here to Do?”

Do something about it today…

Thanks for reading,

Tony Jeton Selimi

P.S: If you’re like me, who likes going to the end of the page sometimes to see what the gist is. Here’s it: I’m offering you an opportunity to finally break free from your transient persona and become the authentic unfakeable YOU….

I explained the practical process of achieving growth, success, and wealth by unleashing your authentic self in this book – THE UNFAKEABLE CODE® – without trying to please everybody or wearing masks (personas). Click below to get it now from